To be the Sacco of choice in the provision of competitive financial solutions.


Mobilize financial resources and offer quality timely products and services to our members to empower them economically and socially.

a) Development Loans

  • 3 times members savings.
  • Maximum repayment period of 48 months.
  • Interest is 1.125% reducing method.

b) School / College fees

  • Repayable in 12months. No ceiling.
  • Interest 1.125% reducing method.
  • One loan in twelve months.

c) Emergency loan

  • Maximum KES 50,000/= no documents required.
  • Interest 1.125% reducing method.
  • Processed within a day.

d) Silver loan

  • 3 times one’s deposits less all outstanding loans.
  • Repayment period 60months.
  • Interest at 1.5% compounded to the principle loan.

e) Top up loan

  • Subject to 3 times of deposits.
  • All outstanding loan / debts are paid by Sacco.
  • 5% of paid off debts commission charged.
  • Maximum period of recovery is 48 months.
  • Loan balance after debt is paid to the member.
  • Interest is 1.125% reducing method.

f) Instant loan

  • Applied through email / Fax or Special loan form.
  • 2 guarantors required.
  • Takes less than an hour to reach destination.
  • Interest rate is 5% reducing balance method.
  • Payable within 6 months.

g) Karibu Loan

  • New members whose deposits are less KES 20,000.00
  • Max loan KES 60,000.00
  • Top up shares to KES 20,000.00 withheld by Sacco
  • Interest rate 1.125%
  • Repayable in 24 months

h) Masomo Loan

  • No ceiling
  • Repayable in 24 months
  • Rate of interest 1.25%

Other product loans

  • Loans for purchase of kentainer container tank and solar panels.
  • No maximum but payable in 12months.
  • Interest is 1.5% reducing method.
  • No transport charges for tanks.
  • Delivery in anywhere within the country.

Loans to Member

Easy to startDevelopment Loans, School / College fees, Emergency loan, Silver loan, Top up loan, Instant loan, Karibu Loan, Masomo Loan, Other product loans.


Our Contacts

Docs / SupportTel: 0202323919 / 0202324418
Cell: 0721694851
Fax: 020 2216479
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