To be the Sacco of choice in the provision of competitive financial solutions.


Mobilize financial resources and offer quality timely products and services to our members to empower them economically and socially.

Jogoo Sacco society was formed in 1972 by the department of Immigration and given the name of Uhamiaji.It was registered CS 1990 and came into existence along with other Sacco’s that had been formed. The directors were mainly drawn from Immigration department and conserved the membership only in the ministry that hosted the department.In March 1980 eight years later Jogoo Sacco opened its membership to other ministries after the directors realized that the government had created more ministries and Immigration department could not sustain the Sacco.

Members were drawn from Ministry of Home Affairs, Police,Constitutional Affairs e.t.c and was renamed Jogoo Sacco.

As members were retiring after the mandatory age they continued saving and also introduced their spouses and children. Circumstances forced Jogoo to open its membership to private members which has risen to over three hundred members pushing the total membership to over 2,500.

Jogoo Sacco’s initial offices were at Government chemist under the chairman ship of the late Mr.Tsalwa the then principal chemist. In 1977 under the chairmanship of the late Michael Githitho, the offices moved to Jogoo house B.The Sacco was enjoying free habitation from the Government.

In 1983 the Sacco was financially stable and rent offices at Development House. having grown in membership and in finances jogoo Sacco had accumulated some funds to face the challenges of Tenancy which came to reality in 2012.It was able to finance for an office space at Commodore Office Suites Kilimani area off Ngong/Ring Road,Kindaruma Avenue. It has seven employees.

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