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Our Services

  • Mobilizing member savings.
  • Lending out loans to members.
  • Investing for its members.
  • Education to members.
  • Services to members.
  • Return on investment payments.
  • Every Coin counts
  • Together We Can
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Welcome to Jogoo Sacco Ltd

Jogoo Sacco is a government based Sacco which mobilizes members funds and its capable of meeting members needs in loans
and short term deposits. We are located at Commodore office suites off Ngong/Ring road, Kindaruma Avenue.

The Sacco started with 59 members in 1972, a share capital and deposits of KES 10,000.00. The Sacco had no employees but
was assisted by civil servants to update its records. 8 year later it had grown with over KES 201,102,280.00 deposits. Currently, our deposits stands at Ksh. 585,402,245 as per the financial year 2016.


Objectives of Jogoo Sacco

  • To promote economic interest to its members
  • To promote thrift among members by according them an opportunity to pull resources together, mobilize them and grant them at
          reasonable interest rates.
  • To raise funds by receiving deposits, short term savings and contracting loans from members and non members in accordance with the ADM’s resolutions.
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